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Constructing grade beams

Constructing Grade Beams

A Grade Beam is composed of concrete and steel. They are designed and constructed for the purpose of acting as horizontal ties between footings.  The...
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Underslab plumbing

Under Slab Plumbing

After thee house has been staked out, the next step is the placement of the under slab plumbing. The proper placement of drain lines...
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Pretreatment for Termites

It does not matter where you build. Whether it is on the Prairie or in a forest, termites are a constant threat to your...
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Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump System

In the design of the Firesky Houses, the design of the heating and cooling system is vital.  Floor Plans are designed to work within a...
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Metal roof

Metal Roofs

In each Firesky House Plan, a metal roof is specified. A metal roof not only provides a rural vernacular aesthetic, but also is compatible...
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Helical Piers

Helical Piers

When the glaciers of the ice age receded from North America, they left behind a vast array of  different soil and rock conditions. In the...
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Seek shelter in a safe room during a tornado warning | Firesky Houses

Safe Room – A Brief Introduction

Wind Zones The question of whether a Safe Room is needed in a rural setting is based upon the location of the residence, and...
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Wastewater Stabilization Pond | Sewage Lagoon

What is a Wastewater Stabilization Pond?

Definition of a Wastewater Pond A Wastewater Pond is a small square body of water. It receives home sewage, where evaporation, aerobic and anaerobic...
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Cost Estimates

Firesky Cost Estimates–a Quick Summary

As a House Project proceeds, from the Design Intent Drawing Package thru the Construction Drawing Package, two distinctly different cost estimating processes can be...
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SIP House

Structured Insulated Panels – a Brief Introduction

Mock-up of a SIP house with wall panels In residential construction, the typical house is known as a stick framed structure. In the 1930’s...
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